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Conference on Floridia and Luporini in Modica

ARCHIMEDE is pleased to draw your attention on the upcoming conference  “Floridia – Luporini, due culture musicali a confronto, un patrimonio da conservare”, organized by the partner institutions Laboratorio Brunier and Liceo Musicale A. Passaglia, with the supporto of the Municipality of Modica, on April 18th, ARCHIMEDES President, Benedetto Benedetti will also join the conference, dealing with two less-known composers of the end of the 20.century.

On April 19th, at Teatro Garibaldi in Modica, there will be also the chance to listen to their music.

For further details about this event, please visit Laboratorio Brunier’s website


Pietro Floridia


The project



ARCHIMEDES is pleased to draw your attention on a project of its partner institution Scuola Normale Superiore – Pisa

The Project collects, digitizes, catalogues, transcribes and preserves the sound archives collected by researchers and indipendent researchers on dialects, folklore, folk music in the Tuscan area

 Please find all informations about on the projects homepage.

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