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In- Provvisare Jazz – ARCHIMEDES for UNESCO’s World Jazz day


In-Provvisare Jazz

Lucca 30 April 2016


Music archives and music improvisation in Italy and abroad

Gli archivi musicali e l’esaltazione della musica d’improvvisazione in Italia e nel mondo

Location: Complesso San Micheletto – Auditorium Vincenzo da Massa Carrara

UNESCO officially designated April 30 as International Jazz Day in order to highlight jazz and its diplomatic role of uniting people in all corners of the globe.  Unesco recognizes to Jazz as a an art form, breaking down barriers and creating opportunities for mutual understanding and tolerance, reducing tensions between individuals, groups, and communities, fostering gender equality and reinforcing the role youth play for social change.

High point of Intarnational Jazz Day 2016 will be the concert hosted by President Obama at White House.

Club per l’UNESCO Lucca participates to the celebration, organizing following events, in cooperation with ARCHIMEDES, Circolo del JAZZ Lucca, Comitato nuovi eventi per Lucca, with the support of Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Lucca, the patronage of Commissione Nazionale Italiana UNESCO, MiBACT – Divisione Archivi, Provincia di Lucca, Comune di Lucca, U.S.Consulate General Florence

• First Edition of the contest “Pino Massara” for young composers of jazz and pop music.

• Opening of a comic-exhibition, dealing with CHET BAKER in the presence of Consul General Abigail M. Rupp.


International confernce

In- Provvisare JAZZ: Sound and song in folk’s instinct


Adriano MAZZOLETTI RAI Journalist

Gli archivi musicali e l’esaltazione della  musica d’improvvisazione in Italia e nel mondo


Arturo LATTANZI President Cassa Risparmio di Lucca

Raaello NARDI President Club per l’UNESCO Lucca

Benedetto BENEDETTI PresidentvAssociazione Archimedes

Vittorio ARMANI President Comitato nuovi eventi per Lucca


• Antonio ROMITI Former Professor of Archival sciences Università di Firenze

Gli archivi del Jazz: un problema aperto

• Krystian BRODACKI Music critic and  Jazz historian

Gli Archivi del Jazz? Cosa sono?

• Cristina FARNETTI Direzione Generale Archivi del MiBACT

Il Portale degli Archivi della Musica del MiBACT

• Adriano MAZZOLETTI Director Archivio Nazionale del Jazz

Le Radio Pubbliche e gli Archivi Jazz

• Francesco MARTINELLI Director Centro Nazionale Studi sul Jazz “Arrigo Polillo”

Il Centro Studi di Siena Jazz: esperienze, progetti e problematiche

• Daniel SOUTIF Art critic

Il secolo del jazz, la gestione di una mostra tra archivi pubblici e privati

• Lorenzo CRESTI Istituto Superiore di Studi Musicale Boccherini Lucca

Le difficoltà di archiviare la Musica Jazz

• Luciano VIOTTO Indipendent researcher

Gli archivi jazz in Italia: progetti e prospettive

• Vittorio BARSOTTI President Circolo del Jazz Lucca

La collezione di Enrico Tadini a Lucca

• Lola POGGI GOUJON Generale Secretary CICT

Il Jazz nel cinema

Please download the PDF program of the conference here In-provvisare1  In provvisare2



Club per l’UNESCO Lucca – Phone  0583 955021

Conference on Floridia and Luporini in Modica

ARCHIMEDE is pleased to draw your attention on the upcoming conference  “Floridia – Luporini, due culture musicali a confronto, un patrimonio da conservare”, organized by the partner institutions Laboratorio Brunier and Liceo Musicale A. Passaglia, with the supporto of the Municipality of Modica, on April 18th, ARCHIMEDES President, Benedetto Benedetti will also join the conference, dealing with two less-known composers of the end of the 20.century.

On April 19th, at Teatro Garibaldi in Modica, there will be also the chance to listen to their music.

For further details about this event, please visit Laboratorio Brunier’s website


Pietro Floridia


In-Provvisando – a conference in cooperation with Lucca UNESCO Club

logo jazz eng

30 April 2016

Within the UNESCO World Day of Jazz, ARCHIMEDES has organized the conference “In-Provvisando”, which will be carried out in  cooperation with the UNESCO Club in Lucca.

The conference will focus in particular on the treatment of music archives and collections in the field of jazz and modern music and will be followed by a jazz-session, performed by the re-united group “I 4 di Lucca”.

The full program of the event, will be available SOON.

The project



ARCHIMEDES is pleased to draw your attention on a project of its partner institution Scuola Normale Superiore – Pisa

The Project collects, digitizes, catalogues, transcribes and preserves the sound archives collected by researchers and indipendent researchers on dialects, folklore, folk music in the Tuscan area

 Please find all informations about on the projects homepage.

Recondita Armonia proceedings presented in Prague



The proceedings of the international conference “Recondita Armonia Gli Archivi della Musica”, held in Lucca in June 2014 in the framework of the EU project ENArC, have been presented by Dr. Benedetto Benedetti at the final conference of the project organized by ICARus and Narodni Archiv in Prague, from 27 to 29th April.

The proceedings are available by request and free of charge, an online edition is planned.

The publishing was carried out with the financial support of EU Culture Programme 2007-2013.


Proceedings of “Recondita Armonia” available NOW!



The proceedings of the conference “Recondita Armonia – Gli Archivi della Musica” are now available!

Published in the magazine ACTUM LUCE – Rivista di Studi Lucchesi, XLIII- n.2, 2014, the proceedings present the papers of Antonio Rostagno, Mauro Tosti Croce, Christiane Hausmann, Adriana De Feo, Friederike Grigat, Marco Mangani, Maria Pia Ferraris, Federica RIva, Herbert Handt, Vito Tommaso, Andrea Malvano, Giulio Battelli, Elisabetta Piccioni, Marco Paoli, Beatrice Romiti, Rodolfo Rossi, Sara Matteucci, Gianluca Bocchino, Eliseo Sandretti, Barbara Allegranti and Stefania Gitto.

The proceedins are available on request at the seat fo ARCHIMEDES, at Istituto Storico Lucchese, Lucca.

The publication has been supported by EU Culture Programme2007- 2013 in the framework of the ENArC project and by Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Lucca to Istituto Storico Lucchese

Conference “The Sound of Music – dagli archivi musicali ad Europeana Sounds”



The conference “The Sound of Music – dagli archivi musicali ad Europeana Sounds” will take place in Palazzo Ducale, Lucca, from 23 to 24 April 2015. Please find the full program here.

Following up the 2014 conference “Recondita Armonia – Gli Archivi della Musica” (June 2014), ARCHIMEDES aims at developing its interests in the field of digital musical archives, dealing with the problem of sound archives, recording supports and digital preservation.

This topics will be faced both on national and international level, in dialogue with the EU- financed projet Europeana Sounds, aiming at the creation of an huge digital sound archive, held by European libraries and archives.

All participants to the conference will get a free copy of the proceedings of the recently edited “Recondita Armonia – Gli Archivi della Musica”.

The conference is part of the ENArC project, cofinanced by EU in the framework of Culture 2007-20013 Programme


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