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30 April 2016

Within the UNESCO World Day of Jazz, ARCHIMEDES has organized the conference “In-Provvisando”, which will be carried out in  cooperation with the UNESCO Club in Lucca.

The conference will focus in particular on the treatment of music archives and collections in the field of jazz and modern music and will be followed by a jazz-session, performed by the re-united group “I 4 di Lucca”.


28  September 2016

ARCHIMEDES plans a conference on the theme of the digitation of documentary heritage to enable universal access to documents through the application of ICT to cultural heritage, focusing on the case of musicological archives and documents.

The conference will be organised in cooperation with the UNESCO Club – Lucca.


November 2016

ARCHIMEDES will participate to EVA Conference in Berlin. EVA- Electronic Imaging and the Visual Arts, is an estabilished world wide known, forum for scholars, users, supplier and developers of electronic information and communication technologies in a wide range of cultural sectors. Our paper is conceived to illustrate the scientific approach of Archimedes to the treatment, conservation and accessibility of archival documents pertaining to musicology and to researches on the preservation of sound records in various sectors of music to be pursued in cooperation with specialised partner.


November-December  2016

Conference on the film music, in particular focusing on the organization of the archives and the conservation of documents and soundtracks.

A printed and online available version  of the Proceedings of the cited conferences is planned.


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