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Current activities

The fruitful activities of 2014 – 2015, has allowed ARCHIMEDES to widening its contacts so that we are developing several cooperation agreements with national and international archival and musical institutions.

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Archimedes research program for aprox. 5 years.

1. Analysis, organization and storage of musicological archives of less known authors, contemporay with Giacomo Puccini, e.g. Gaetano Luporini (Lucca) and Pietro Floridia (Modica- Sicily).

2. Researches and reconstruction of the biographical and musical documentation of the famous jazz trumpeter and vocalist Chet Baker, focusing on his activities and stay in Lucca in the ’60s.

3.  Develop the already ongoing cooperation with the partner laboratories : Laboratory of Phonology and Linguistics of Scuola Normale di Pisa and MART-Lab laboratory of the Conservatorio Cherubini in Florence. Together we are defining a protocol for treatment and conservation methodologies in order to proceed within a scientific approach to the accessibility and storage of music documents as well as of sound products. Their digitization procedure will be matched to an open access methodology. The group will participate to the next call for the European projects; contacts are already in progress, to reach this goal with other European partners.

4. A new interactive WEB-site: our present purpose is to transform the WEB site in an open platform for debates on innovations and problems, for exchanges of news, for didactic initiatives on line. The new WEB site will be planned in progress to facilitate direct and on-line contacts and exchanges, also as online seminars mainly through the WEB site for consulting and specialized teaching to address young scholars, musicologists and archivists. The Association is now engaged, both financially and professionally, to try to transform and adapt its WEB site in order that it can become gradually a permanent interactive tool to host an open platform capable to perform these goals.



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