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“The Archives of Music and Sound”

International Centre of Studies

Art.1: The Association Archimedes, as “International Centre of studies on Archives of Music and Sound” (ARCHI-vi della M-usica E DE-l S-uono), has its headquarters in Lucca, at the Istituto Storico Lucchese , via F. Carrara 12, 55100 Lucca; its aim is the promotion of studies and projects, educational activities, conferences and events for the conservation, management and enhancement of the National and International heritage in archives of various sectors of music. A particular interest is devoted to the study and treatment of documents and audio products in different areas of music; innovative technologies and practices, even experimental, that in National and International field are to be promoted and developed in the archival field of musicology and of the sound treatment.

The Archimedes Association carries out non-profit activities; all its bodies and offices are free of charge. The Association can be developed into a non-profit organization.Any kind of contribution to entities and persons is forbidden, as well as it is forbidden to distribute, even indirectly, profits or operating surpluses as well as any other financial asset, unless the destination or distribution is imposed by law.

The headquarters as it has been originally established, can be varied, by resolution of the Directory Board within the municipal territory of Lucca without any change in this Statute. There can also be identified secondary seats and offices in Italy and abroad by a resolution of the Directory Board.

Art. 2: The Members, Italian and foreign, consist of private and legal persons, and are appointed by the Directory Board and ratified by the Assembly; the following classes of Members are represented:

(A) Founding Members: those who participated to the founding act of this Association

(B) Ordinary Members : they pay the annual membership fee;

(C) Important Members: they pay one or more shares in free amount;

(D) Extraordinary Members: pour one or more shares in free amount;

(E) Supporting Members: pay a share of at least four times the ordinary;

(F) Benefactor Members: pay a share of at least one hundred times that of the Ordinary;

(G) Honorary Members: they are chosen from among authoritative persons within the

national and international musical culture, in number no more than nine.

Art. 3: The Offices and Bodies of the Association Archimedes have a five year term and are:

1: the Managing Boards: (a) the Members’ Assembly, (b) the Directory Board, (c) the Scientific-Artistic Committee

2. the Executive Offices: (a) the President, (b) the Vice-President, (c), the Director, (d) the Treasurer, (e) the Secretary

3. The Offices of Control (a) the Auditors, (b) the Arbitrators (Probiviri).

Art. 5: The Assembly, composed of all Members, is convened and chaired by the President; It meets for the approval of financial statements, ratification of the new members, the

membership fee, the internal regulations, the appointments of the indicated organs art. 3.1 and 3.2 at the Executive Council; It elects the Auditors and the Arbitrators. The Assembly meetings are also valid in the Conference Call or Conference Call. In the second resolution can be convened a simple majority of those present.

Art. 5: The Directory Board of (DB), is composed of 5 to 11 members elected by the Assembly, of which at least three experts in archival materials; It is convened by the President; decides and implements the managing guidelines, elects a President, a Vice President, a Director; elects a Secretary and a Treasurer; it deliberates to accept new members. The CD may appoint within the DB itself, the Scientific-artistic Board, and the Assembly members, some Consultants in specific sectors, without payment for the Association (Art. 1, paragraph 2). The CD can appoint “Consulting Experts”, outside the Association, to perform specific functions, and technical and scientific services, deemed essential from the CD. The Consulting Experts are paid from special funds specifically provided and supported by national and international projects and for unavoidable necessity with institutional funds, only to small economic commitments, not repeated, and after considering the resources available.

Art.6: The Scientific-Artistic Committee (SAC), is mainly a consulting organ and it is composed of at least seven members, chosen from among personalities of national and international culture, in particular relating to the archival field and to the field of music and musicology. It can be consulted by the Directory Board in programming the activities.

Art. 7: The President, elected by the Directory Board within its members, legally represents the Association, it is the executive body, signs the acts and documents, convenes and presides over the Assembly and the Directory Board; he participates in the meetings of the Scientific Artistic Committee.

Art. 8: The Vice President, elected by the Directory Board from among its members, acts as the President in case of forced impediment of the President as delegated by him. He is a member of the Directory Board and convenes and chairs the Scientific-Artistic Committee.

Art 9. : The Director is appointed by the Directory Board, within its members, he operates as delegated by the President for acts of ordinary administration; he participates to the meetings of the Directory Board; he cooperates in maintaining contacts with people and organizations, National and International, operating in the areas pertaining to the Association.

Art. 10: The Treasurer, elected by the Directory Board, controls the administrative and fiscal management, draws up the budget, keeps the financial books and submits them to the Assembly of Members convened to approve the budget of the year. He participates in the meetings of the Directory Board.

Art. 11: The Secretary, elected by the Directory Board, participates in the sessions of the Assembly, the Directory Board, the Scientific-Artistic Board; he takes minutes of their meetings and those of other bodies of the Association. He works in collaboration with the President, the Vice President and the Director; he cooperates with them in the organization of events, and the contacts with people and organizations, national and international, active in sectors relevant to the Association

Art. 12: The Auditors are elected three in number, plus one as a substitute, by the Assembly of the Members.

Art. 13: The Arbitrators (Probiviri) are elected, three in number, plus one as a substitute, by the Assembly of the Members.

Art. 14: The Patrimonial assets of the Association are composed of the fees and contributes of the Members, of furniture, fittings, equipment and other assets derived from any other form of acquisition.

Art. 15: The duration of the Centre, as an established Association, is unlimited. In the event of termination the assets will be donated to the State Archives in Lucca or the State Library of Lucca or other equivalent body.

Art. 16: These rules and possible amendments are approved by a majority of two thirds of those present.

Art. 17: On all what it is not covered by these Articles shall be applied the present laws in force.