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Constitutive Act


 International  Centre of Studies on Music and Sound Archives


Constitutive Act


The year two thousand and twelve, this day Wednesday 19th of September, in Lucca,

at the headquarters of the Istituto Storico Lucchese in Lucca, Palazzo Ducale, Cortile Francesco Carrara, 12, in the presence of the following promoters:

  1. Benedetto Benedetti (Scuola Normale di Pisa), CF BNDBDT43R09D575U, resident in Via Puccinotti 47, 50129, Firenze.
  2. Antonio Romiti (Istituto Storico Lucchese, Lucca), CF RMTNTN37H27E715D, resident in Via dei Gerani 8, 55100, Lucca.
  3. Beatrice Romiti (Università La Sapienza), CF RMTBRC71C44E715M, resident in Via Per Camaiore Traversa second 14 / B, 55100, Lucca.
  4. Laura Giambastiani (Università di Firenze), CF GMBLRA53C41A560N, resident in Via Umberto I, 49, 55022, Bagni di Lucca.
  5. Stella Montanari, C. F. MNTSLL75S49E730G, resident in Via G. Giusti 45, 56021-Cascina (Pisa).

It was declared the willing to establish, as founding members, an Association called Archimedes,  “International Centre of Studies for Music and Sound Archives”, whose aim is to promote studies, projects, educational activities, conferences and events for the conservation, organisation and enhancement of musicological archives on national and international level; particular interest will be devoted to the study and treatment of documents and audio contents in different areas of music, to technologies and innovative and even experimental practices and to develop, in national and international field, researches  on archival and music collections and sound processing.

The Association is governed by the Statute which, read, approved and signed by the present members, is attached to this Constitutive Act of the Association.

The Association has an unlimited duration.

The headquarters is at the Istituto Storico Lucchese, in Lucca, Palazzo Ducale, Cortile Francesco Carrara, 12. The location may change later, remaining within the territory of Lucca, and branch offices may be established, as per art. 1 of the Statute, integrating the present Act.

The present founding Members, according to Art. 3.4, 5, 11, 12 and 16 of the Statute, proceed to appoint the Directory Board, the  Auditors, and the Arbitrators (Probiviri).

As Members of the Directory Board are appointed unanimously, in the indicated positions, Messrs:

  1. Benedetto Benedetti – President
  2. Antonio Romiti – Vice President
  3. Beatrice Romiti – Director
  4. Laura Giambastiani – Treasurer
  5. Stella Montanari – Secretary

As the auditors are appointed Messers :

  1. Sandra Catignani CF: CTGSDR52C45C996J, resident in Via Sardi 82, 55100 Lucca
  2. Andrea Centoni, CF: CNTNDR74P13E715G, resident in Viale San Concordio, 807D, 55100 Lucca
  3. Giorgio Orsucci, CF: RSCGRG49C06C996G, resident in Via Sardi 82, 55100 Lucca

as substitute:

Paolo Channels, CNLPLA45CO3L833D, resident in Viale San Concordio, 138, 55100, Lucca

All nominated claim to accept the position.

Approved and signed 19 September 2012 by the Founders:

  1. Benedetto Benedetti
  2. Antonio Romiti
  3. Beatrice Romiti
  4. Laura Giambastiani
  5. Stella Montanari


Signatures and the Governmental Bureaucratic Registration with fiscal stamps are on the original document and kept in the official seat, and available on request in fac original and similar